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Made in Milwaukee
A city known for its
Very High
Strength-to-Weight Ratio

100% Domestically Produced
and Manufactured
100% Recyclable

6 foot floor model: $39 plus shipping
2 foot 8 inch table top model:
$31 plus shipping
Also available with a copy of Allen Salkin's hilarious book, Festivus, A Holiday For The Rest of Us.
Festivus Pole:
  • Aluminum, Extruded Alloy 6063-T6
  • Finish: Mill, As Fabricated (see note below)
  • 1-1/2" Sch. 40 Pipe Size (1.900" Diam. W/.140" wall)
Festivus Base:
  • Aluminum, Alloy 3003
  • .190" Thickness
  • Collapsible For Easy Storage in Your Crawlspace

Wisconsin State Capital, The Today Show, Business Week, ABC, CBS, Fox, CNN, New York Times, San Diego Union, Yahoo, New York Post, USA Today, NY Daily News, Boston Globe, Chicago Sun-Times, Journal-Times, YouTube, Entertainment Weekly and many more.

Festivus in a Box



It's a Festivus Miracle!

Festivus Poles are now
Museum Pieces

Festivus Pole Kit includes the Festivus Pole and a collapsible base designed specifically for use with our Festivus Pole. The base slips together in minutes allowing you to assemble your Festivus Pole quickly -- no other base mount is required.

*Surface Finish: In keeping with the precepts of Festivus, the Festivus Pole is to be "unadorned and lusterless". As such our Festivus Poles™ are provided unfinished -- as extruded -- and you might see die lines and occasional scratches in the surface. Unfinished aluminum will develop a layer of oxidization that may come off as black on your hands while handling. If you wish to avoid this issue, you may coat your Festivus Pole with any commercially available car wax product but you could be crossing the line by being too concerned with outward appearances.

Main elements of Festivus as excerpted from Wikipedia:
The Festivus Pole
The tradition begins with a bare aluminum pole, which Frank praises for its "very high strength-to-weight ratio." During Festivus, an unadorned aluminum pole is displayed, apparently in opposition to the commercialization of highly decorated Christmas trees, and because the holiday's creator, Frank Costanza, "find[s] tinsel distracting." Local customs vary and you may be able to decorate your pole with non-threatening plain decorations, or ordinary green garland.
The Airing of Grievances
At the Festivus dinner -- a meal featuring non-holiday comfort food -- each participant tells friends and family all of the instances where they disappointed him or her that year.

Send a Greivance By E-mail or Download Grievance Forms

The Feats of Strength
The head of the family tests his or her strength against one participant of the head's choosing. Festivus is not considered over until the head of the family has been pinned to the ground. A participant is allowed to decline to attempt to pin the head of the family only if they have something better to do instead.
Download Grievance Form

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Airing of Grievances at the Festivus Pole

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Festivus Poles are Green
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